About Me

Welcome to LearnedInJapan.com! My name is Tank and learnedinjapan.com is where I share all my experiences in Japan. I mean ALL MY EXPERIENCES and what I learned in Japan.

Coming to Japan has taught me a lot about both my home country (US) and Japan. The cultural and social differences and the things I have been able to learn and share make me appreciate my life in general.

Just remember that some things in the US are better than Japan while other things in Japan are also better. No country is perfect. Both have good sides and bad sides.

Whether you are visiting this site for travel tips, or want live in Japan, or learn more about Japan, this site is for you!

I like to share that I’m a firm believer of relativity.¬†Without pain, we wouldn’t know pleasure. Without sadness, we wouldn’t understand happiness and so on. Without Japan, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate our homes and vise versa.

Therefore, I present to you LearnedinJapan!!!