Cops Pull You Over from the Front

Cops in Japan will pull over a car a mnay number of ways. The most interesting tactic I’ve seen is pulling over a speeding driver from the front.

How it works?

Lets say you are speeding through the highway and an undercover car is spots you. The undercover car will speed up and match your speed of the speeding either from the rear or the side of your car.

When they confirm the speed, that’s when the fun part begins.

The cop car will speed up and at the same time fire up its siren just as it goes in front of you. What’s even more cool is that an LED display will appear from behind the undercover car giving instructions to you to follow.

In most cases people will follow the cop car until they come to a full stop.

I regret not having any of my footage as I didn’t have a dashcam but found an actual pull-over video on youtube. Thank you! See below.

It’s the same scenario for a “shirobai” or white police bike but cooler and more dangerous.

Reason they pull you over from the front?

To prevent chases and to confirm the speed of the speeding vehicle.

Does it work?

It works very well on law abiding citizens but not for the really bad people. I guess there is a lot of trust placed on a citizen here but remember that failure to follow police officer’s order will increase fines and punishment.

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