How do you get a driver’s license in Japan? (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the “how to get a driver’s license in Japan” series. To see part 1 that covers the process of getting a drivers license, go here: This series covers the practical part of the driving test needed to acquire a driver’s license in Japan. The Practical Drive Test To be honest, the practical driving test is … Read more

Cops Pull You Over from the Front

Cops in Japan will pull over a car a mnay number of ways. The most interesting tactic I’ve seen is pulling over a speeding driver from the front. How it works? Lets say you are speeding through the highway and an undercover car is spots you. The undercover car will speed up and match your speed of the speeding either … Read more

Drinking and Driving Laws in Japan

Despite Japan’s unique heavy drinking culture, it is obvious that no one should ever drink and drive. My best friend lost his mother due to a drunk driver many years ago and I have personally been a witness to a terrible accident that left a 12 year old girl dead with the drunk driver of the other car with a … Read more

5 Reasons it is not worth Owning a Car in Japan

Owning a car in Japan is an expensive feat. Here are the top  5reasons why it is not worth owning a car in Japan. You have to pay automobile taxes every year. Some people think the only time they pay taxes on their car is for sales tax when they buy it. However, in Japan, registered owners of vehicles must … Read more

How to Get a Driver’s License in Japan

Having a Japanese driver’s license can help many foreign residents integrate themselves smoothly into Japanese society. It has come to my attention however, that people who take the driving practical tests in Japan fail many many times (on average about 3 or more times). I wrote this particular guide so that you can get a head-start learning the Japanese way … Read more