Why You Should Not Buy a House in Japan

Have you even been to a house in Japan? Have you ever noticed how fast home builders erect a house in Japan? Have you ever checked constructions sites that built homes? A house in Japan generally become worthless after reaching the 15~20 year mark. For any person who wants to become a home owner, it takes a lot of responsibility … Read more

How to Get a Driver’s License in Japan

Having a Japanese driver’s license can help many foreign residents integrate themselves smoothly into Japanese society. It has come to my attention however, that people who take the driving practical tests in Japan fail many many times (on average about 3 or more times). I wrote this particular guide so that you can get a head-start learning the Japanese way … Read more

Smart Phone for Travel in Japan? (Is it a must?)

Do I really need a smart phone to travel? It depends what you want. Having a phone is very helpful and I carry mine as a backup for emergencies and never use it unless I decide to contact a friend nearby. But if you really want to fully experience travel in Japan, I’d say turn off your phone and just … Read more

What to Bring When Traveling in Japan

A travel opportunity is always greeted with a plan. Here’s a few tips on what to bring when you travel in Japan! Three days before departure… It almost always begins with the packing. With all the excitement of going to Japan, almost any traveler would be blindsided with their priorities. From choosing what to bring to making sure your passport … Read more


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